The Art Factory of White Mills

"Where Talent and Appreciation Meet "

The Art Factory was started as an idea....

Create a place that would benefit everyone who loves art!

 We wanted to open a center that would be created around art. 

A gathering place for art, artists, art students, and art lovers.

A special place where you can have events for the artists

as well as  exhibits and classes for the community.

Whether you are teaching, learning, or just enjoying, everyone wins!


About Us

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The Art Factory of White Mills

"So Much More Than an Art Gallery... It's a Community  Art Center!"

Our Story:


The journey is exciting!

If you would like to join us in our dream, contact us! 



Whether you are an artist or an art enthusiast, you will love

The Art Factory!  Located in White Mills, PA this gallery hosts more than 50  local artists.  It showcases fine art; landscape, portraiture,

photography, stained glass, sculpture, jewelry and so much more.


More than 4,000 square feet have been transformed into a place

"Where Talent and Appreciation Meet!"