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“Do You Know… … Randy Hennig?”

  • June 26, 2019

“Do You Know… …Randy Hennig?”

Randy Hennig states that “he always had an artistic spirit”! That’s an understatement based on his ability to create and express himself through; art, photography, performance art and his abundantly beautiful garden!

Randy is “inspired by nature; its colors and textures, its complexity and simplicity”. The endless beauty compels him to put a small part onto canvas!

Randy studied painting under Kenneth Bocsh. He always enjoyed sketching, but painting opened up a whole new world to him! He was hooked! Working with different mediums (oil, oil pastels and colored pastels) always brings him back to his personal favorite – acrylics!

Randy says that paintings either evolve very quickly or it can a slower, more meditated approach. Often, he needs to put a piece aside and return to it days later with fresh eyes. Randy’s photographs become the subject of many of his paintings. Often, he takes elements from a variety of photographs and merges them into one piece.

Framed work of Randy’s begin at $45.00. To view some of his original pieces, visit The Art Factory of White Mills. The gallery is open daily from 10:00-5:00.

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